Management Protocol

First we…

  • Determine your objectives and Formulate a plan to achieve them
Then we….
  • Collect your rents
  • Handle slow payers and non-payers
  • Issue 3 day and 30 day notices
  • Supervise evictions and lockouts
  • Handle tenant complaints
  • Handle tenant conflicts
When necessary we…
  • Handle emergency maintenance, Including 24 hour/7 days per week emergency service
  • Maintain tenant relations
  • Inspect premises
Increase your control by:
  1. Having someone else handle the day-to-day problems and hassles of property management
  2. Having property management specialists available to make recommendations at your request
  3. Having timely, accurate, complete reports at your fingertips to facilitate analysis and tax preparations
  4. Having the objectivity of top down management
  5. Having the freedom to move and utilize your time to your best advantage


When a tenant moves out, we…

  • Itemize deductions from the security deposit
  • Secure the property
  • Summarize actions needed to bring the unit to rent-ready condition
  • Supervise the preparation of vacancy
Then we…
  • Advertise for new tenants
  • Show vacant unit
  • Interview prospective tenants
  • Screen prospective tenants
  • Collect security deposits
  • Issue keys

We also...
Pay all vendors, including monthly recurring bills, utilities, taxes, mortgages, etc… as determined by the property owner.

Every month we produce a complete computerized reporting packet detailing all expense and income receipts sent via email & funds can be transferred electronically.

Professionally Leasing and Managing Real Estate

A Commitment to Excellence

For over 2 decades, MAP Property Management Company has been dedicated to managing Real Estate. We are a full service Management Firm with the goal of adding value to your real estate investment. We are becoming one of the area's largest management firms because we earn the trust of our clients through skilled management and straight forward advice. We are proud of the fact that over half of our clients have been with our firm for over 10 years.

Property Management business

Unlike many of our competitors who are brokerages which have a management component or branch, our primary directive is the management of our clients' Real Estate portfolios. Our goal is to maximize the long term returns on real estate investments through a sound management plan, and we are not distracted by other, ancillary services such as sales or exchanges. While we can consult our clients on purchase strategies and investment options, we manage your property so that you'll never want to sell. We do offer brokerage services for our interested clients, but you are free to work with any broker of your choice.

Our Management method

Our method is best described as tedious and methodical. We believe that consistency and commitment to sound investment principles will eventually win out over hype and gimmicks. We can't predict the future but we can promise that we will consistently and aggressively pursue the solid fundamentals which have produced superior returns for our clients for over a decade. Success over the long run requires wisdom and experience.

Making Technology Work for You

Our method may be tedious, but we are not behind the times. In fact, you won't find a management firm anywhere that has made better use of technology to serve its clients and residents. Our firm takes full advantage of the latest information technology. Mobile PDAs, 20 station network platform, On-line Application submittals, direct electronic rent collections, Client Direct Deposit services, electronic owner and Internet tools like this website and communication are just some of the ways we are constantly upgrading our technology to offer you the best product available.